All your advertising in one account

Primax is a tool that puts all your advertising at your fingertips! Here you can easily run any ad, or do it with the help of our specialist

Online Video Advertising

Youtube, TV, Stories

Radio Advertising

On FM-stations

SMS Marketing

Search Advertising

Google Adwords

Order, tune and control your advertisements in one place

There is no more need to look for specialists to set up your advertisements, negotiating with several managers of marketing agencies specialized on SMS, context or targeted advertisements. It is no longer needed to work on tenth of media-plans, dive deeply into different specific marketing parameters, search for efficient means to tune your marketing campaigns and communication channels.

With Primax you can swiftly and with ease order any king of advertisement for your brand or business.

Achieve outstanding results


Automatic optimization

Optimization of internet-advertisements with Primax module. The module collects and processes data and provides recommendations for optimization of marketing campaigns based on machine-learning algorithms


Tune your advertisements swiftly and easily

Tune your internet-advertisements, launch mass mailing service on your own or with the assistance of our experts in shortest terms. Primax is optimized for simple and efficient workflow

Follow your effectiveness online

Follow and control effectiveness of your advertisements and mailing distribution services in your personal Primax cabinet. Our technical support will answer all your questions and help navigating through efficiency parameters of your marketing campaign and explain how they can be tuned to crank up performance of your campaign

Anyone can
order advertisements

It is enough to simply register and our specialists will help you to get started.

Key Primax advantages

All marketing channels in one place

PPC, banner and YouTube advertisements, personalized targeted advertisements via message distribution platforms (SMS, Viber, WhatsApp) – all in one personal cabinet in Primax

Real-time statistics

Primax collects detailed statistics that enables you to analyze efficiency of your marketing communication channels with no effort. You will always stay informed on how much resources your communication channels have consumed and how much they have brought to you, when comprehensive and deep statistical and analytical data is available to you

Personalized advertisements

Boost your audience involvement  – our algorithms can optimize your content based on customer feedback and our own databases

Bonus program

Primax saves your precious time, allowing you to avoid routine tasks and operations. At the same time it enables you to boost your income with our partner program. You can get up to 10% of your marketing budget back as a reward from us. Moreover, we offer you a possibility to cover your marketing expenses without VAT

Click-fraud protection

Click-fraud protection system identifies and blocks fraud thanks to incorporation of machine learning algorithms. Complemented by protection algorithms of advertisement networks it provides an efficient filter of your web page visitors.

Personal support

Get feedback for our support services – information and feedback on marketing campaigns for which efficiency can be improved

With Primax you can tune your advertisements either yourself with the help of one of our managers

With the help of manage:

  • Full support
  • Set up and tuning of the marketing campaign
  • Optimization of the marketing campaign
  • Creation of reports
  • Free consulting
Start with a manager


  • Set up and tuning of the marketing campaign
  • Optimization of the marketing campaign
  • Efficiency recommendations
  • Free consulting
Start yourself

For marketers, there is a professional mode for creating and managing clients' advertising accounts.

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