Utilize all types of communication with your clients using a single Primax dashboard.

  • Send SMS, Viber Business and WhatsApp messages in over 180 countries worldwide.
  • Enhance communication you’re your customers, increase sales and improve service quality.
  • Personalized advertising to your customer contact databases using Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
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Achieve maximum results

SMS Marketing

Instant delivery of notifications from the official company name.

  • SMS delivery in over 180 countries worldwide.
  • Easy registration and moderation. 
  • No limitations.
  • Best prices on the market.

Viber Business

Official Viber business message distribution worldwide.

  • Quick registration.
  • Ability to send not only text but also images with links.
  • Assistance with moderation approval.
  • Ability to send transactional messages.

WhatsApp Business

With Primax, you can easily verify your WhatsApp business account and communicate with your current or potential clients.

  • Confirm purchases and provide order status updates.
  • Send messages about promotions, discounts, and sales.
  • Provide timely support and consultations.

Personalized Advertising

Targeted advertising to your customer contact databases on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

  • Individual communication with your clients.
  • Increase the number of channels through which information reaches your clients.

Enhance the customer experience at every stage of the journey

Simplify and enhance communication between your business and clients - from prompt support and customizable notifications to two-factor authentication.


Send promotional messages, information about promotions, seasonal sales and discounts.


Remind customers about saved items, confirm purchase statuses and schedule appointments.

Customer Support

Provide your customers with fast and professional support and receive feedback.

Account Security

Set up two-factor authentication via SMS messages to prevent system breaches.

All communication channels with your customers in one place

Want to improve existing communication channels with your audience, such as SMS broadcasts or voice calls, or set up new communication methods? Primax specialists will help your business solve this task.

Boost your sales


We help your company scaling up and boosting sales with the help of SMS, Viber, WhatsApp and other communication channels

Global Reach


We directly collaborate with over 200 operators/partners, ensuring fast and reliable message delivery worldwide.

API Integration


With our simple API, you can easily integrate SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, and other services into your systems and automatically send messages, transactions and confirmations.

Premium Support


Our support service resolves the majority of inquiries within 2 hours. Additionally, you will have a dedicated account manager available to assist you at all times

Do you have a large volume of transactional or promotional SMS? Do you need personalized conditions?

Contact support.

Conduct your mailing in a convenient way

  • Through the user-friendly Primax dashboard
  • Through seamless API integration with your CRM, web, or mobile resources
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SMS Marketing

Notify about order status, delivery and payment; inform about promotions, bonuses, new arrivals, or congratulate customers on holidays.

  • Official Business Account
  • Payment only for delivered SMS
  • Delivery to all mobile devices
  • High conversion rate
Number of SMS messages to all mobile operators Price per SMS, EUR
1 – 100 000 0,169
100 001 – 500 000 0,161
from 500 001 0,152
Individual sender name Monthly subscription fee, EUR including VAT
All mobile operators 0,00

SMS Marketing for local brands

Register as a local brand and communicate with your audience at a lower cost.

Find out now what is required to register as a local brand?

Number of SMS messages to all mobile operators Price per SMS, UAH
1 – 100 000 0,67
100 001 – 500 000 0,66
from 500 001 0,655
Individual sender name Monthly subscription fee, UAH including VAT
All mobile operators 0,00

Non-Brand SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing without registering your own Alpha name and without verifying your contact list.

Want to learn more?

Contact our specialists.

Number of SMS messages to all mobile operators per month Price per SMS, EUR
1 – 100 000 0,04
100 001 – 500 000 0,038
from 500 001 0,03
Individual sender name Monthly subscription fee, EUR including VAT
All mobile operators 0,00

Advantages of SMS Marketing

Always on time

You can schedule the date and exact time of sending. The service will automatically send SMS at the designated time.


We have direct connections with over 240 communication operators in 140 countries, helping us deliver SMS worldwide.


No matter how many messages you send, our SMS network will deliver each one.