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Order internet advertising in just a few clicks. No more need to search for marketing agencies, wait for them to contact you, or deal with multiple media plans. Everything is fast, easy and clear in the Primax dashboard.

We offer the expertise of the best context specialists with knowledge of local markets in more than 20 countries.

All our contextual specialists are certified and have at least 3 years of experience.

Achieve maximum results

We increase efficiency of advertising campaigns

Our clients improve the results of their advertising campaigns, optimize document flow with advertising systems, and automate reporting on paid traffic

Easy to understand and order

Transparent reporting with the ability to quickly compare the effectiveness of all advertising channels within one interface

Track effectiveness instantly

In the future development of the Primax dashboard you will be able to integrate all major internet advertising tools into one dashboard. You can easily request assistance from a specialist or set up an advertising campaign yourself in just a few clicks.

Expert assistance

Expert assistance from experienced specialists in setting up advertising campaigns of any complexity.

Do you want to set up advertising campaigns yourself? Are you a marketer?

No problem. We offer the best conditions on the market for you.

  • Reports and closing documents in one dashboard.
  • Free click fraud protection system: save 5-30% of the budget by eliminating invalid clicks.
  • Free demo period of up to 3 months for companies in Ukraine, with Primax services priced at 1 UAH until the end of the war.
  • Fast moderation of SMS broadcasts.

Over 1,059 clients trust us

For marketers, there is a professional mode for creating and managing clients' advertising accounts

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